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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


-Jeff C.

“DME is a place I would take my vehicles any time, thanks to Keith (owner).”

-Elizabeth T.

testimonial2_200w“Best auto repair shop and people we’ve ever dealt with.”

-M. Ryan

“I prefer DME Auto Service over even my Nissan dealer for all my service needs.”

-Rachelle P.


“The staff at DME worked hard to diagnose (and solve) a problem that was difficult to find.”

-Tim D.

“My vehicle was towed into DME at 3:30 PM Friday and the mechanics got right on it and had me on the way by 5:20 PM – working past their 5:00 PM quitting time. Great place.”

-Elwood E.

“The gentlemen at DME went out of their way. They’re great.”

-Jody J.

“DME is very efficient and courteous. I recommend them.”

-David G.

“Staff did very excellent work.”

-Bob B.

“After 3 trips to (the dealer), each time coming home with something else broken, it was a real treat to get DME and have it come home repaired.”

-Bob H.

“Great place.”

-Dick W.

“Great service, quick, courteous. We’ve used DME several times. Great.”

-Dave L.

“Super service. As tourists, we appreciated his friendly information about the area.”

-Barbara I.

“Outstanding service from very knowledgeable personnel.”

-Jack K.

“Excellent shop, I would recommend it to anyone.”

-John W.

“Excellent employees at your DME store. We appreciate the prompt return of our truck. Thank You.”

-Michael F.

“Very cooperative and helpful. Very friendly and gave knowledgeable advice.”

-Ellis Q.

“As always. DME is honest and thorough.”

-Frank C.

“I trust the workmanship and advice received from this service company.”

-Eunice M.

“This company had my car repaired in record time.”

-Fern B.

“Quick, efficient, intelligent, exactly what I was looking for. Great job.”

-Chuck S.

“Very professional and helpful.”

-Steve C.

“Excellent service.”

-Jackie A.

“Have been to DME before, will use again.”

-Scott W.

“The truck and car both had unidentified electrical problems – they could have very easily overcharged me and didn’t.”

-Paul H.

“DME is the best auto repair facility I have used in the 35+ years of driving.”

-William H.

“Wonderful service, my van has never stopped so smoothly. Very personable.”

-Regina M.

“Excellent service, highly recommend.”

-Russ S.

“Excellent service, they communicated with me about everything done to my car. Highly recommend.”

-Marcia S.

“Excellent service.”

-Tallman W.

“This shop is very good. An auto shop in Seattle I would have flunked dismally.”

-Elizabeth B.

“They did an excellent job explaining what was done and needed to be done.”

-Cynthia L.

“Very knowledgeable.”

-Charles S.

“DME provided me with excellent service and courtesy. I was more than impressed.”

-Emily W.

“Excellent place to go for repairs or work on your vehicle.”

-Linda W.

“A good first time experience.”

-Joe S.

“Very courteous service given.”

-Bill G.

“I am always satisfied at DME. I count on them to take care of my car and they do a good job.”

-Pamela H.

“I was pleased with the efficiency and service given.”

-Vickie S.

“Very nice shop to come to, very pleasant people.”

-Janet K.

“Will come back to DME again.”

-G. L.

“Very pleased with their work.”

-Ada M.

“We received first class treatment at DME.”

-George B.

“A very honest and reputable group of people.”

-Kelly R.

“Very satisfied with work and staff.”

-J. D.

“We like the work that you do, you’re quick about things. We will be back.”

-The L. Family

“You were very friendly and knowledgeable, and charged very reasonable prices.”

-John L.

“Excellent service and great job. I’ll be back.”

-George H.

“Everyone here was friendly beyond the call of duty. They even gave me a ride to work 20 minutes away. I will definitely use them again.”

-Rachel H.

“They have been a lot of help. They’re honest and sincere, always polite. Without their extra efforts I wouldn’t have been able to get to work on time.”

-Vance B.

“Prompt, friendly service provided with informative comments. Will recommend.”

-Robert R.

“The employees at DME are very considerate. Thanks. Keep up the good work.”

-Darlene C.

“DME gives us excellent service and is always honest and fair.”

-Darryl A.

“I came in without an appointment with a leak. I was taken care of immediately, the staff were professional but really nice. We had only driven by but will pass your name on to friends. I also noticed how clean everyone and things were. Thanks.”

-Val K.

“You came highly recommended. Very good, honest and punctual. Very impressed.”

-Bruce A.

“I can’t thank you enough for being so patient with me. Taking time out of your busy day to explain things to me means a lot. I will continue to recommend you.”

-Ellen F.

“Well satisfied.”

-A. J.

“Friendly, quick, helpful, professional.”

-Gary R.

“My brakes failed while out of town. Personnel at DME stayed 1 hour late to complete repairs.”

-Tim S.

“Will definitely return when need arrives.”

-Jon S.