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Something You Should Know About Your Vehicle

Is There Something You Should Know About Your Vehicle?

FACT: The most valuable repair information is developed by the manufacturer AFTER the vehicle is put into use. That research, in the form of Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s), reflects problems discovered as those vehicles accumulate road wear usage. They also detail countless “fixes” or repairs that simply are not covered in any factory service manual.

We at DME Auto Service pride ourselves on the commitment we have made to utilize the finest, most advanced automotive service equipment and staff available anywhere. In order to keep us more prepared for whatever failures a vehicle may encounter, we have purchased a computer system which allows us access to literally millions of pages of this critical information. This information helps you:

  • Prevent costly breakdowns before they occur
  • Save funds utilizing suggested preventive maintenance
  • Allows your vehicle to perform more efficiently and effectively

We can determine if a needed repair is still covered under factory warranty or if there is a recall.