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Maintenance Schedule

When is my Vehicle Due for Maintenance from DME Auto Service?


Keep in mind, these intervals should reflect varying services. For example: At 3,000 miles a lubrication, oil, and filter service is recommended, AS WELL AS at 12,000 miles.

 Miles Time Service
3,000 3 Months Lube-Oil-Filter Service
5,000-7,000 6 Months Synthetic-Oil-Filter Service
12,000 12 Months Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Tire Rotation, Windshield Wiper Blades, Valve Adjustment (if applicable)
15,000-30,000 15-30 Months Automatic Transmission Service
 24,000 24 Months Cooling System Service
 30,000 3 Years Manual Transmission Service, Differential Service (front & rear),Transfer Case Service (4wd), Full Maintenance Tune Up, Valve Adjustment (if applicable), Drive Belts, Wheel Bearing Service, Brake System Inspection and Adjust, Lube-Oil-Filter Service, Automatic Transmission Service, Emission System Service, Battery Service, Tire Rotation, Computer Control System Service, Exhaust System Inspection, Steering & Suspension Service, Electrical Systems Testing
45,000-60,000 4-5 Years Timing Belt Replacement (most cars – some not needed until 105,000 miles)