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Environmental Attitude

Environmental Attitude

awards_150wWe at DME Auto Service are very concerned about our environment and the future of our community and are very aggressive in our practices to have something for our future generations to enjoy and nurture. We stay in compliance with and follow all federal, state, and local environmental regulations and adhere to the proper selection, handling, use, and disposal of the materials which we both use for and remove from your vehicle during the course of repairs or maintenance procedures. We care about maintaining a clean and safe environment within our workplace for our staff and we believe that our customers appreciate this as well. It has been proven that this helps insure a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

Awards & Distinctions

DME Auto Service has the distinct honor of becoming the first business in Kitsap County to achieve the prestigious EnviroStars distinction. Because of our aggressive attitude towards environmental issues, we were awarded the highest rating available…5 stars. We also are a Distinguished Greenworks Facility (again, the highest rating available).


EnviroStars is a program dedicated to the proper selection, storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials.

Facility Environmental Fees & Related Costs

Our facility environmental fees help offset the following, and more, related costs:

  • Recycling spent anti-freeze
  • Crushing and recycling spent oil filters
  • Providing secondary containment for all hazardous wastes
  • Environmental disposal fees charged by laundry services
  • Environmental disposal fees charged by machine shops and sub-contractors
  • Mandated equipment needed for environmentally sound automotive repair and maintenance
  • Regularly scheduled training for our staff including materials and hazardous substances information
  • Liability insurance covering safe handling, use, storage, shipping, and disposal of hazardous substances such as cleaners, chemicals, solvents, and lubricants
  • Recycling of spent oils and lubricants
  • Recycling of all packaging materials
  • Recycling of all household materials such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic
  • Disposal of all regulated and documented waste fluids and products
  • Proper and up to date record keeping
  • Proper handling and management of friction material
  • Registration of hundreds of materials and chemicals with state and local governments
  • Regular testing by State certified technicians of our storage tanks for leakage
  • Regular testing by State certified technicians of our air supply system
  • Purchase of special safety reclaiming and storage equipment
  • Regulatory compliance with the EPA for a small waste generator’s license
  • Removal of mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters, batteries, tires, and metal products
  • Storage and management of all metals, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastics, batteries, tires, and paper products for recycling