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Who We Are

Who is DME Auto Service?


Realizing the ever increasing and demanding need for quality, professional, and honest service and repairs on today’s complicated computerized cars and trucks was the criteria for the evolution of DME Auto Service. Our pride extends from our very high standards accompanied with our extensive education, training, and experience. Our staff is comprised of hand selected industry professionals with a total accumulated work experience history of more than 120 years working on most makes and models, not just a single make (similar to a dealership). Each staff member has at least 20 individual years experience with the owner having more than 40 years.  This raises our expertise and skill to a higher level. Most of our staff hold college degrees in Automotive Technology and our technicians are nationally certified Master Technicians.

One of the main objectives of DME Auto Service is to alter the public opinion of today’s automotive industry from a negative to a positive attitude. We have accomplished this with many of our customers by simply being “up front”, honest, and maintaining communication with them about their vehicle’s needs or repair process.

DME Auto Service is a full service facility ranging from routine maintenance services to honoring Auto Dealership Extended Service Agreements. All services and work performed by DME Auto Service meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations, with our workmanship always ranking high.

As you would expect, we are also very sensitive to vehicle “down time”, hence, we work very closely with you to coordinate the most convenient time schedules.

We utilize the most technologically current equipment and information systems the industry has to offer. Laptop computers are a mandated piece of equipment today and are our Technicians right hand.

Our integrity remains uncompromised.

Enclosed in this website you will find a service menu DME Auto Service which highlights some of the services and time intervals recommended by DME Auto Service. Also included are most, but certainly not all of the vehicle systems we work on. This includes domestic, as well as, most foreign cars and light trucks.

If, at any time, you have a suggestion or recommendation which you feel would improve our service to you, please contact us to discuss it. We always listen.